Video tour transcript

[JC Auto Collision owner Jean Cantave standing in his shop in front of two parked cars. The hissing sound of a machine is present in the background throughout the entire video]
Hi uh this is uh JC Auto. I’m Jean Cantave, welcome to my shop. Uh JC Auto Collision. Um right here uh
[Jean turns and motions toward the rear of a black Mercedes van]
This is a car that we recently did. Got hit in the rear uh, we did the door and uh, we wet sand and polish it. Ya know came out pretty good so we just waiting for deliver this car. Uh but then again uh, we got another project over here
[Jean turns and starts walking towards a dark sedan missing a front grille, bumper, and headlight]
This is a Mercedes uh, that we have to install the bumper back on we painted. And uh put the headlight and uh wet sand and polish, and that will be one happy customer. Um, and over here
[Jean turns and starts walking toward a large metallic booth]
It’s our spray booth. This is where we uh actually paint our vehicles, right here uh.
[Jean opens the door to the booth so the viewer is able to see inside. The inside is large enough to fit a car and features lights on the walls and ceilings, as well as tools on the far side wall opposite the entrance]
It’s nothing crazy but it gets the job done. This is where, it’s pretty much like an operation room where you get everything done. All right, so uh yeah. And over here, and over here we got a uh
[Jean walks away from the from booth and towards a silver SUV parked adjacent to it]
Car that’s waiting to get uh fixed. This recently just came in
[Jean moves a standing light fixture away from car and it makes a clunking sound]
Uh again. Just gotta change the bumper, you know, and line everything up and uh put a new bumper on there and paint it and uh, this one should be pretty quick. And that’ll be one happy customer.
[Jean’s foot hits the light fixture base and a clunking sound is heard]
And um then we have a Durango back there that’s hit in the front we need to do
[Jean motions over towards the back of the shop, past the silver SUV and starts walking over there]
Um over there is where we do all the mechanical work once the car gets hit in the suspension. And um we’re able to lift the car up and uh see uh what kind of damage does it have for uh, suspension damage.
[Jean turns back around towards the viewer and starts walking away from the back of the shop]
All right, and then again, we have over there where we do, uh body work, this other side.
[Jean walks through the door connecting the two rooms of the shop, to the other side. A gold SUV is in the background]
Uh we got one of my guys here that’s uh, fixing this uh, quarter panel, on this uh 2010 Honda Civic two door.
[The viewer sees the rear of a dark sedan with its trunk open and missing the left taillight. One of Jean’s employees is kneeling near the left rear side of the car by the quarter panel]
Um so hopefully that uh we get this done as quick as possible. And uh, over here uh
[Jean walks towards the Gold SUV]
This is where uh we have another car that came in uh. We gotta uh fix the hood
[The front of the SUV is shown with a dented hood, cracked bumper, and crack headlight]
And uh replace the bumper. This customer is paying out of pocket so uh.
[Jean comes into view]
We ready here to satisfy the customer and um, get the job done. And I thank you for visiting JC Auto and we here to serve you and hopefully
[A loud machine turns on in the background]
We could have uh, a great you know, future together and please you guys. Thank you
[An end screen is shown, featuring the logo and the following text]
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