Video tour transcript

[JC Auto Collision owner Jean Cantave standing in his shop in front of two parked cars. The hissing sound of a machine is present in the background throughout the entire video. There’s an overlay on the top and bottom of the video]
[Top overlay reads: Call us now to get your free estimate! 631-392-1462]
[Bottom overlay features the JC Auto Collision logo and the text: “Jean Cantave, Owner” directly under where Jean is standing in the frame]
Hi uh, this is Jean Cantave here at JC Auto. I’m here to inform you that uh, we do the free estimates here at JC Auto. Uh the reason why we do it free is because, when the car gets here, we’re able to see the car and let you know, uh this is roughly how much it will be. You know we gonna give you a good price on the vehicle and we here to satisfy you get the job done professionally. And hopefully we build up a relationship. I thank you
[An end screen is shown, featuring the logo and the following text]
Call us now to get your free auto body estimate!
JC Auto Repair & Collision | 50 Brook Ave Suite P, Deer Park NY 11729 |